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ZHEJIANG BSB ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES  CO.,LTD founded in year 1997, focused on building protection devices for the market for more than 20 years.

With re-located, expanded factory to the Lishui city of Zhejiang Province, China, working closely with local government for same goals – developed to become a high technology industry leader for the field. Enjoying advantages provided Lishui local government, the Company has an opportunity to engage in design, develop and build highest quality hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers for circuit protection industry. The Company sells own brand name products, also provide best technology assist and after-sales service to customers. With providing continuous improvement on satisfaction level from customers, the continuous growth of Company will make ourselves more market competitive, chase to maximize economic output.


The Company attracted a large number of experts from electrical, mechanical, hydraulic/magnetic profession related fields for existing product continuous improvement and new product innovation. The Company have obtained remarkable number of new technologies development from the Country. Major indicators of product/production technologies align with the international most advanced level, makes high operational efficiency, high productivity but good saving on all natural resources.

BSB Brands: The meaning of BSB trademark derived from auspicious traditional Chinese “everything is precious,” expressed in choosing products from BSB will give precious and good luck to customers. At the same time, the English trademark “BSB”, meaning for the “Build Safe Breaker”, Chinese meaning is to provide customers with the best circuit breaker based on best service. Besides giving the employees and customers good luck, we will not give up chasing on importance of quality and service and strive to become the industry leader, and trying hard to become the first choice of customers all over the World.