Characteristics of high-energy DC relays for new energy vehicles

New energy vehicles generally use high-voltage battery packs to provide power for electric vehicles. In order to ensure the normal on-off of the electrical system, a high-voltage DC relay must be configured between the battery system of the electric vehicle and the motor controller. When the system stops operating, it acts as an isolation. The system plays a connecting role when the system is running. When the vehicle is shut down or malfunctions, it can safely separate the energy storage system from the vehicle electrical system and disconnect the circuit. Therefore, the high-voltage DC relay is a key safety device for new energy vehicles. Without it, electric vehicles cannot start, drive, and stop. So what are the characteristics of high-energy DC relays for new energy vehicles as key safety devices in new energy vehicles?

1. Withstand high pressure

The working platform voltage of new energy electric vehicles is relatively high, which is much higher than the 12V / 24V of traditional cars. Therefore, it is required that its supporting high-voltage DC relay can withstand high operating voltage and reliable closing and breaking in high-voltage loading.

2. Strong load resistance

The rated power of electric motors for new energy passenger cars and buses is generally above 30KW and 80KW, and the peak values ​​reach above 60KW and 160KW. According to the voltage platform mentioned above, the current will reach about 200A and 300A, respectively. Under the double pressure of cost, under the same volume requirements, the product has a strong load resistance, and at the same time it must have instantaneous overload capacity that is several times the rated load current; or under the same load resistance, the smaller the volume of the product, the better.

3. Impact resistance

High-voltage DC relays for new energy vehicles must not only have the basic function of withstanding high voltage and carrying sufficient current, but also resist the impact of the huge current of the capacitive load at the moment of closing. This current is usually several times to dozens of the rated current of the load. No, conventional relays cannot withstand the impact of this instantaneous current. The danger of this inrush current is that it is very easy to cause the relay contacts to stick, the relay contacts to separate and fail, the power to cut out of control, and in serious cases, it can cause car death and death. Safety accidents are extremely harmful. Therefore, DC relay products for new energy vehicles should have good shock resistance.

4. Strong arc extinguishing ability

Arc is an inevitable problem in the process of relay contact closing and breaking. It greatly reduces the service life of the relay contact. Adopt some special fast arc extinguishing methods to reduce the arc energy, reduce the damage to the relay contacts, and extend the service life of the product. Therefore, a strong arc extinguishing capability is also a basic feature of a relay.

5. Strong breaking ability

The operating conditions of the car during the running process are complicated. In an emergency, such as when the electrical system is short-circuited, the instantaneous current in the circuit rises sharply. At this time, the relay is required to be able to cut off the circuit smoothly under extreme high current without contact sticking or The occurrence of abnormal conditions, such as relay explosions, prevents the battery from over-discharging, short-circuiting, fire or explosion. This requires the relay contacts to have good resistance to shock and adhesion.

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