BSB Electric Appliance Charity Foundation grants scholarships to impoverished primary school students

On September 3, 2012, Zhejiang BSB Electric Co., Ltd. Charity Foundation, under the leadership of Chairman Wang Xiangyu, issued scholarships for 10 impoverished primary school students. At the ceremony, the principal of the school expressed gratitude to the poor primary school students for their unpaid assistance to the company foundation. He expressed his sincere gratitude and highest respect to the entrepreneurs who are willing to help and dedication! At the same time, the principal also hopes that the funded students will learn to be grateful, remember the philanthropic deep love, and use this as a driving force to study hard, reward the society with excellent academic performance and outstanding performance in the future, and repay the people who love them.


It is understood that many poor families and left-behind children cannot afford to go to school because of family and social reasons. These students who are struggling to advance in adversity, especially need social assistance and care, are eager to grow up healthily under the same blue sky. In order to enable more children to fulfill their dreams of schooling, and encourage them to build confidence, face the temporary difficulties correctly, and repay the society with practical actions, the company will not forget to give back to the society while developing, and will help the society. Part of corporate responsibility. The BSB Foundation will continue to pass on love.

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