BC5 Series Supplementary Protector can be used in electric system which rated current from 3A to 50A, 50/60Hz, voltage AC 250V and DC65V to protect the overload and short of circuit. It is largely used in industrial automation equipment, telecommunication equipment, communication power , UPS and so on.

Basic Parameters

Maximum voltage:125/250VAC  50/60 Hz,32/65VDC
Current Ratings:3A-50A
Insulation resistance:Minimum of 100 Megohms at 500VDC
Dielectric strength:1500V, 50/60Hz for one minute between all terminals
Reset time﹕≤60s
Operating Temperature Range:-10℃~+60℃
Standard:IEC 60934、UL1077、GB17701、CSA235
Torque:BC5-25:1.5-2. 0N·m,    BC5-50:1.7-2.3N·m