High Voltage DC Contactor BSBC7-100-12W

BSBC7 Series DC high voltage contactor are used in 12VDC~1000VDC, rated current up to 250A, Max.continuous carrying current up to 500A. It is widespread used in electric vehicle and battery charging system, wind power generation system, Cloud server, UPS and engineering machinery and so on.

Product Feature
  1. Control Load Capacity :Nominal Operating Voltage 12VDC~1000VDC, max. continuous current up to 500A
  2. Safe:Full sealed with epoxy resin, performance is not affected by external environment, can work in severe environment
  3. Reliable:Design with DC high voltage nonpolarity, breaking capacity is better and installation is more convenient.
  4. Energy Conservation:Adopt PWM control technology for 250A shell, can control coil power better and save
  5. Environmental Protection:All the parts meet the latest RoHS requirement.